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The Pollen Picking Bee!

Meet the Pollen Picking Collector Bee!After getting directions from the Scout Bee, the Collector Bee flies to the area where the flowers bloom, all full of pollen or dripping with nectar. The Collector Bee then starts gathering pollen from the flowers. During this trip the Collector Bee will visit only the same type of flowers [...]

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Meet the Guard Bees!

Meet the Guard Bees!Guard Bees are stationed outside the entrance of the hive and their job is to sound the alarm in times of danger, such as attacks from marauding predators such as bears, mice, skunks and squirrels. The Guard bees sound the alarm by secreting pheromones (chemical messengers) into the air. When the bees in [...]

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​Meet the Undertaker Bee!

Meet the Undertaker Bee!Did you know that most honeybees live only 5-7 weeks? The Queen Bee is the exception, thanks to Royal Jelly ­ she lives 5-6 years! But because of the big turn-around in population, something must be done to keep the hive clean of all the dead bees that die in the hive. That [...]

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