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See The Bee Dance!

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See The Bee Dance!

When the scout bee comes back to the hive he is anxious to share his find with the rest of the bees. The method that a bee communicates information is quite remarkable. He does so in the form of a Bee Dance. The dance communicates information such as the direction of the plants which yield the pollen or nectar. It also tells about the distance that the source is away from the hive. The bee also communicates the fragrance of the flowers, the flavor and quality of the pollen and nectar, and the quantity of the pollen and nectar available!

Keep in mind that the hive is dark. The bee dancer communicates information not by visual spectacle, but by vibrations, spatial orientation, sound vibrations and samples of smell and taste. The forager bees gather around the dancer, reaching out with their antennae to gather the information from the dancing Bee. Then they rush off to go collect a load of pollen or nectar of their own.

And the miracle of this is that by this act, pollination of the flowers takes place, and the whole food chain of our planet is rejuvenated again! Without the bees we wouldn't exist, and the earth would be a lifeless, desolate place. So, let's all do the bee dance together! One, two, shake all over!