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What is the story of this stuff called honey, that the bees collect so abundantly all around the whole world, and that humankind has been consuming since before recorded history?  What is this honey?


Flowers, those beautiful plants we see everywhere we go, that bring color and vitality to the landscapes they reside, freshening our world with their unique fragrances, and eventually coming to fruition as the most interesting of the foods we eat.  Flowers.  Within those plants there is movement, when warmed and drawn by the sun, this sweet liquid moves up through the plant into the flower and this is what is called nectar.  Walk out your door in the Spring and Summer, wherever you are, and you will see flowers and those flowers are producing this sweet nectar.fotolia-76833359-xs.jpg


This is the beginning of Honey.


You will also see bees.  And those bees will be going into the flower to collect that nectar.  They will ingest it and it will mix and merge with fluids inside the bees body and brought back to the beehive and converted into honey and stored in the hexagonal cells.  It is thought the bees impart an electrostatic charge into the nectar/honey.  This is a magic event that happens everywhere in the world where flowers grow.  Those are good times.


Flowers and Bees represent vitality and life.honey.jpg


Where there are not any flowers or bees what do we have?  

Frozen or baked barren landscapes where little terrestrial life exists.


Flowers = Bees = Nectar = Honey (Nectar of the god’s?  Ambrosia?)

Flowers = fruits, nuts, vegetables = nutrition = foods we need to exist.


In our world, the energy in Nature pushing this nectar up the plant into the flower and the bees gathering it, is so widespread across all the borders, all the political and religious affiliations, across all ethnic and tribal identifications, this happens.  It is a powerful basic energy we are surrounded with.  It is so basic, so natural that it is unexplainable.  It is the world around us.  It is oozing out of the flowering plant world like an offering.  We don’t know it, we don’t see it but, that energy is circling the globe.  It is a beautiful thing.  In man’s world, these events go largely unnoticed and we are pretty much unfamiliar their goings on.  The bees aren’t.


The bees are immersed in this world, and collect the sweet juice that is produced out of the dirt and rain and sunshine each flowering plant grows out of, in all their particular locations, bringing beauty and fragrance and the honeys to our world.


We are the fortunate beneficiaries of these things.


Don’t you think, taking in some of this Essence of Nature might be to our benefit?

Don’t you think, it is a way to bring some of the energy and vitality of this beautiful world , into our own bodies?

Don’t you think, these plants, from where the honey comes, are containing nutrients we need for our good health?

The history of man tells us, over and over again, about the wonders of honey.  The story has never changed.  Go back thousands of years.  Same story.  Undisputed.

Our desert honeys represent the best of the best.  Better give them a try.  For your own benefit.


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