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Royal Jelly is not easily defined.  It is produced inside the worker bees body, like mother’s milk is, and is fed to all the types of bees in the egg/larval stage.  This includes the larva that will become drones (males), workers (females) and the Queen.  It is the nutritional substance that starts off, from the beginning, all the bees development.  The Queen is the only bee that feeds on Royal Jelly throughout her whole life.  This feeding of the larva that will become a Queen, and the continued feeding to the Queen begins a multi faceted biological process that creates this different bee that is the Queen. The feeding of Royal Jelly for the larval stage drones and larval stage workers only lasts a couple of days.


Historically, Royal Jelly has been a recognized supplement for both internal and external use, by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks and Chinese cultures just to name a few.  The products of the beehive, including Royal Jelly, have been universally attributed to well being and good health.  Something extra in our attempts to better ourselves.  This is no recent development but goes back to prehistoric times and includes almost every culture in almost every geographical location around the world.  There is something that draws human beings, no matter where they are located, to these beehive products.

Why do you think this is so?

With Royal Jelly, the ancients did not have the tools to analyze Royal Jelly but, they had the natural instincts to decipher their value.  As it is, Royal Jelly has a quality protein content, hormones, B-complex vitamins, fatty acids, trace minerals but, these are just a partial characterization of Royal Jelly.  Like all natural products, the whole is better than the parts, and the whole of Royal Jelly is better than any of its parts.  This is partially, if not substantially, because so much is unknown, and as yet to be determined, about Royal Jelly.

Some of the unknowns are:fotolia-41926551-xs.jpg

Why does this identical bee egg that is fed a diet of Royal Jelly, why does it develop into a full bee in 17 days when another identical bee egg is fed differently and hatches out in 22 days?  That is 5 days different.

Why does this bee, that is fed this Royal Jelly diet, grow substantially larger than the other bees?  Like twice as large.

What is in the Royal Jelly, that seems to be the reason a Queen Bee can live 5 years, when the other bees are living a mere 40-50 days?  That is a tremendous difference.

In fact Royal Jelly, in all the possibilities of our natural world, is maybe the only substance recognized with any species, that appears to be a life extender for the bees chosen to be fed this diet.  That is quite a statistical probability.  Or should we say, improbability.

Royal Jelly is not about the individual parts (we don’t even know all the individual parts and how they work together), Royal Jelly is about the beautiful combination of all those parts that make it as unique a substance as you will ever come across.

Women should be especially attracted to Royal Jelly, regardless of age, and see how it works both in pre and post menopausal conditions.  After all, it is produced by female bees to nourish the demands of the Queen.  It should be investigated.

Men have used Royal Jelly for various reasons of well being for thousands of years.

All the ancients recognized this without our science.  Maybe we should too.


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